One thing you really have to watch on the low carbs diets is the fat… most of the stuff that is low carbs is still high calories and just filled with fat. Before I started my weight loss plan, I talked to my doc about it, and she recommended against the Atkins and other simaler diets. I come from a family with very bad heart history and she told me following a diet like that would be like commiting suicide! There is good fruits and vegies and other foods that have carbs in them that your body needs (and other vitamins as well) especially if you are following an exercise plan as I am.

If you want to say I am cutting carbs well I am cutting some, like those that were in the candy and cookies I used to cram myself with, but I am still eating things like breads, (whole grain ones, not the airy fairy white stuff), tortillas, oatmeal, pasta (not the low carb stuff, the cheap Barrilla stuff lol) popcorn (my favourite snack, that I have eaten almost every single day of my whole entire life since I was about 4 years old lol). and other simaler foods. Fruits are on my “have all you want” list… which is a list of foods that are lower in calories, that I try not to limit myself on, within my calories that I allow myself.

My main diet when I started came from a diabetic diet made by a nutritionist (1200 calories a day) and I did that for about a month, but I am at approx. 1,600 a day right now. I was “hungry” after a month on the 1,200 diet, because I worked my exercise levels up from walking 1/2 mile 2x a week to walking 4 miles 2-3 times a week and also walking 2 miles 2-3 times a week… (I am walking on almost a daily basis) plus doing anywhere from 5-25 miles on a stationary bike each week. (5 miles takes me 22 min.) at 1,600 I do not feel hungry, I have enough “fuel” to stick to my exercise routine and I am slowly loosing weight and inches, not water. Plus I feel GOOD. That is the key… The most important thing… If you don’t feel GOOD you aren’t going to stick with something for very long.

Another thing, you need to figure out WHY you overeat… with many people there is an emotional factor involved… Something is lacking somewhere in their life, creating a hole and they are trying to fill that hole with food. For many people there is stress in their life they aren’t facing that is causing them to overeat. Also you have to decide right from the get go to lose weight for YOU. If you are losing weight to look good for your DH or SO, or to “show” someone you can do it or look better than someone else, well that is the wrong reasons and in the end you will be unsuccessful or have very short lived success. I have tried to lose weight before without addressing these other issues and it was pointless… the time before this when I tried, I GAINED 10 pounds!

From what I’ve read being on a high carb diet is just as dangerous as the insulin response is what causes high cholesterol and blood pressure.. .Of course you want to pick good proteins, stay away from processed meats and things that are very high in fat, but alot of low fat stuff is very high in carbs. If I don’t want an insulin response I have to stay away from Breads and Grains… If I start my day with anything like that I am hungry and having cravings all day long. I usually have 1 egg and either regular bacon or canadian bacon for breakfast and that keeps me satisfied til Lunch when I have a salad and baked chicken or pork, or a hamburger patty for example. For supper I have anything I want, carbs and all… The rule is anything you want for an hour. Of course they don’t recommend eating Icecream for an hour, but a well balanced meal. I lost 30 pounds on that plan, it really works. My mom is on it now and has lost 25 pounds. They also recommend that when on this plan that you monitor your blood pressure, especially if you are on BP meds…because while on this diet, people’s blood pressures have improved so much and they were still taking their meds that their BP was actually too low! lol Not all people have an insulin response and are able to eat carbs with no trigger at all, but I can’t. It just does not work for me…if I start the day with carbs I’m ruined the rest of the day.