While super sexy and revealing swimwear may look good on women in runways and magazines, most parents may cringe at the thought of their daughters wearing them to beach outings, and designers have taken that into consideration. Thus, a category called Junior’s Swimwear was born. Because teenagers usually go to the beach for fun summer time activities, they need swimsuits that provide enough coverage, without sacrificing style and design. After all, teens do love to look fabulous and follow trends and fads portrayed by the media. With swimwear for juniors, parents do not have to worry about their daughters going to the beach in super skimpy outfits, and the daughters themselves do not have to spend their time worrying about their bathing suit tops falling off in the middle of a volleyball game.

Junior Swimwear Styles

Junior's Swimwear
Junior's Swimwear

Teens can wear modest bikinis and pair them up with board shorts. There are also bikini tops that come paired with boy shorts and skirted bottoms. These are perfect for sporty activities as they provide ample support and coverage, but still reveal some skin as well. Tankinis and monokinis are perfect for those who do not wish to bare too much skin. Junior Swimwear need not be boring. They come in different designs like flower prints, polka dots and stripes and can have muted or bold colors.

What to Pair with Junior’s Bathing Suits

Teenagers can play up their look by pairing their swimwear with cute and glam accessories. Beach hats, matching flip-flops, sunglasses and cover ups add extra style and oomph to any swimwear.

Styles You Need To Avoid

While string bikinis look good on models, they aren’t great for Frisbee or beach volley ball. This also goes for strapless tops as well. There are no rules that dictate what to wear for the beach, but styles that can easily come undone or fall off are best to be avoided.

What to Remember When Shopping for Junior’s Swimwear

While most junior’s swimwear are on the modest side, this does not mean that they cannot be fashionable. Plenty of designers nowadays have taken the wants of parents and teens into consideration and have merged them together to create beautiful Junior’s swimwear that are fashionable yet appropriate for teenagers to wear.

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