I thought it might be fun for everyone to post their most memorable camping stories. Whether it be fun, or comical, or rough. I know most of you know about mine last summer, but I’ll start off by posting that again for those of you that haven’t heard it yet.

Let me just start off by saying that this vacation did not turn out as we had planned. It was our first camping trip with our new to us popup in August 2003. On our second evening there, Rich (my hubby) got ‘very’ dizzy and fell down. He couldn’t get back up, and then began to vomit, he continued to vomit for the next 14 hours. Since it was already nighttime, we didn’t want to try and go driving around in the dark trying to find medical help. The next morning we secured our campsite and headed to the nearest hospital, which was 40 miles away in Cheboygan. I got a wheelchair from the ER and got Rich in it and wheeled him in. We spent the next 7 hours with him hooked up to an IV and getting all kinds of tests run on him. Our poor furbaby had to spend the day in the van, with me going out every so often to give him water, his meds, and take him out to go potty. Luckily it wasn’t a hot day. The doctor still didn’t come up with any specific diagnosis, and sent Rich out with a prescription for Antivert to stop the dizziness, and instructions for clear fluids and bedrest for the next 24 hours. He could also take Tylenol for his severe headache. The headache and dizziness continued for the rest of our trip, but none of us wanted to head for home just yet. We were able to have a good time in spite of what happened, although we did worry the whole time that it might happen again at any moment. We went fishing, took a day trip to Black Lake, went to the upper peninsula and ate pasty’s, and my son and I climbed Castle Rock. I had to drive for the rest of the trip, as Rich was still dizzy the whole time, and we just kind of dragged him with us. Rich just kept saying that he went there to fish, and he wasn’t going home till he got to do some hahaha. I will say that I was so glad to have the popup. It was so much more comfortable than trying to do all this in a tent.

When we got home, we scheduled a doctor’s appointment. Rich had an MRI done and we found out that he had a stroke. If we had known, or even suspected that, we would have headed straight home. We thought it was food poisoning or something like that. Certainly one we will never, ever forget.