We might be looking to upgrade from out Santa Fe to the Starcraft 2406. Was just wondering if there are any Starcraft owners out here and how they like their PU. Does it tow well? I like it alot and it has everything I want and then some. I seem to be drawn to their floorplans more than Fleetwoods, so please give me some feedback on their quality.

Starcraft owner here! You can look in my photo album to see mine Sandie. We have a 1999 Starcraft Venture 2107. So far, we can’t complain about anything, we love it. Tows wonderfully, and I do like the floorplan. I thought I might like to have one with the side dinette, so that we didn’t have to climb over the couch to get to the bed, but after seeing how little floorspace they have, I changed my mind. Rosco wouldn’t even have enough room to lay down in another design.

I saw the price at the popuptrailer group, and I don’t think that is unreasonable, although you didn’t say what year it was. I checked rvtraderonline, and the 2004 were starting at around $9,000, so I think what you are looking at sounds reasonable.

It’s a new 2004. Did you also get all that extra equipment with yours? I have the side dinette now and yes it is cramped especially with three little dogs under foot. I also have arthritis in one of my knees from an accident 20 some years ago and I like the U-shaped dinette better as I can sit with my one leg streched out when it starts aching. The only thing I wish it had was that cool slide-out ice chest. I would pack our clothes in there instead of lugging our suitcases everytime. I guess you can’t have everything. I really didn’t care to much about the shower/toilet but hubby thinks that in a year I’ll want that too so we might as well get it now. Funny thing is that he is probably right. I’m gonna takea look at your pics.

We bought ours used Sandie, so it doesn’t have all the things you mentioned. We have the 3 way fridge, a furnace, the stove that goes inside or outside. No toilet or shower, but I don’t think I would want to clean it anyway. Oh, and we do have that nifty slide out ice chest, and that’s where my clothes went hahaha. I just don’t see it being practical to fill with ice, since we have the fridge, and take a cooler with us too. We still took our suitcases, but it was nice having that to put a couple days worth of clothes for each of us in.
The suitcases stayed in the van.

we have a 87 starcraft starflyer that we bought used we bought a used one to see if we would like a popup and we do it is a very nice camper it has a heater and it had a refer but i took it out to gain storage space if you want a starcraft i would say go for it

We just picked up our new 2003 Starcraft Constellation Apollo and I think we will love it. It has the slideout dinette, which really adds floor space. It should sleep 8, but 2 of those people will have to sleep very, very close. I have reservations to camp in a state park in a couple weeks, hooray. I haven’t driven while pulling it yet, but it seemed to pull pretty good.